Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles on Android

Yoda Chronices launched on May the 4th for iOS devices and on but Android users will have to wait a little longer to be able to play this new LEGO game. For some reason LEGO don’t like releasing their Apps or games on the most popular mobile phone operating system, which is awfully strange.
Anyhoo this summer the LEGO Star Wars universe arrives at light speed on Android devices with LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles. As we reported last week The Yoda Chronicles is cross between an action game and an RTS (Real Time Strategic), players must decide whether to follow the path of the Jedi or descend to the Dark Side of the Force.
The game currently on iOS, is split into episodes that will be released over the next few weeks. When it becomes available on Google Play this Summer, all levels will be unlocked along with a few extra ones.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eternity Warriors 2 for Android

The battle for Northern Udar rages on! It's been 100 years since the First Demon War tore the land apart. Thanks to the Eternity Warriors the demon threat was held at bay. However the demons have been consolidating their power in a series of Demon Towers built in locations throughout Northern Udar.
You've been tasked with cleansing these Demon Towers and defeating an even deadlier demon army than before...
• Fluid REAL-TIME COMBAT against dozens of NEW demon enemies!
• ONLINE CO-OP MULTIPLAYER! Battle with a fellow warrior in the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE!
• Use your SPECIAL SKILLS to slice your way through MULTIPLE UNIQUE DUNGEONS!
• COLLECT ARMOR, WEAPONS and other LOOT! Upgrade your gear to become the ultimate Eternity Warrior in Udar!
Eternity Warriors 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dark Avenger for Android

In dungeon-crawlers like Diablo, game designers have taken the normally sedate RPG concept and taken it to a new, action-filled plane of existence.

With Dark Avenger for iOS and Android, Boolean and Gamevil go even further by stripping away all of the usual storyline nonsense and throwing you straight into the melee without any exposition whatsoever.

Your objective is to cut through the seemingly endless flood of undead monsters which populate the many dull and foreboding Dark Avenger stages.

IAP explained
You use gold and gems to purchase items in Dark Avenger. Both are readily available so long as you're prepared to drop some real-world moolah.

3,300 gold will cost you 69p / 99c, but if you're feeling particularly flush - or perhaps stupid - then you can grab 434,000 for an eye-watering £65. Seven gems are 69p / 99c, while 910 are £65.
Along the way, you'll pick up gold and loot, the latter of which takes the form of either usable items - such as health-giving potions - or equipment you can utilise to make the fight that little bit easier.

Button masher

The experience points you gain during combat boost your level ranking and unlock special skills to employ in the thick of battle. These skills come with a recharge cost and consume magical power, but they can make a real difference when you're surrounded by aggressive skeletons and are low on stamina.

The sheer number of items to collect and the ability to upgrade your character result in a real sense of progression here, but Dark Avenger is undone by its repetitive action (your character has a single three-hit combo which you'll need to spam for the entire duration of the game).

Enemies with ranged attacks force you to think tactically about how to prioritise your own offence. In the end, though, Dark Avenger really does just boil down to hitting monsters repeatedly then moving onto the next room.

Due to the less-than-expansive nature of each level, the repetitiveness of the action is less obvious, for you have opportunities to purchase new gear in between each stage. The promise of upgrades can only hold your attention for so long, however.

Going for gold

Of course, with this being a free-to-play release, in-app purchases make an appearance. Some of the rarer items cost gold and gems - the latter is a premium currency that is only available in large quantities if you're willing to spend real cash. Also, when you fall in battle, you can revive yourself using gems - another incentive to open up your wallet.

The problem is that Dark Avenger's gameplay rarely becomes exciting enough to entice you to reach for your credit card. And while it offers a few hours of entertainment at no cost, it won't keep your attention for long enough to make a real impression.

Download Dark Avenger for Android

Windows 8 Theme for Android

Bored of Android's User Interface? Do you want a new style start screen? If you do, then wait no more!
Launcher8 is a great app for you to experience the brand new style UI on your Android mobile phone.You can esay design look like Windows Phone 8 layout (fake wp8)and show off to your friends!
If you have any questions, please feedback us! You can submit your advice or visit our BBS-
- You can add different size tiles;
- You can add a variety of color tile;
- You can save and restore the theme;
- You can edit the start screen layout;
- You can set the current background style;
- You can switch the application list style
- You can add Android widgets in the tiles;
- You can set the wp8 style lock screen and status bar;
- You can select more than one hundred kinds of theme colors;
- You can add special features tiles,like time ,pictures and contact photo.
1 shows the live contact needs to read the contact data access permission;
2 add a shortcut when direct dial call authority need the android.permission.CALL_PHONE ;
3 add send SMS shortcut operation message need permission.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bonds of the Skies for Android APK Download

Describing Kemco as the most active publisher of smartphone JRPGs would be pretty much bang on the money.

Well, Kemco's at it again this week, releasing a new role-playing game on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Tales as old as time

On the Android side of things, Kemco has just launched Bonds of the Skies. In it, The Big K tells the story of Eil, who may or may not be the god of wind.

As usual, the whole package is reminiscent of RPGs of the 16-bit era, so, yes, loads of bobble-headed sprites and quaint towns where no one minds if you wander into his house and steal from him.

Interestingly, the turn-based battles take place from a first-person perspective, with your characters represented by their character cards rather than a collection of pointy-haired pixels.

Bonds of the Skies has been optimised for the Xperia Play, by the way. Just sayin'.

Bonds of the Skies for Android

Bonds of the Skies APK download

Undead Soccer for Android APK Download

Protect the world with your only weapon, a soccer ball !!
After you had been banned from a match, you were waiting with anger in the athlete room. You walked back to the field because it seemed to be too quiet for such a big match and found everything has changed. All players, referees, and audiences became zombies!! Now you have only two things left with you; a football and a trashcan lid. Use them as your weapon and your shield. Your football skill will save you from these cruel zombies!!
Play the endless addictive game by killing zombies wave by wave. The higher skill you got, the farther you can go. Upgrade your power, your super ball power to kill more zombies. Unlock cool fottbal styles and shield styles. Normal zombies became just too easy for you? Be prepared for the big bosses!!
Prepare your cleats!!
- Many types of zombies bosses.
- Travel through 7 themes to kill zombies.
- Enhance your soccer ball power with 6 types of super powers.
- 30 cool ball styles and 15 shield styles to unlock.
- Get excited with large variety of dreadful collectibles.