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The process will facilitate the work of subcellular search

The method allows to make them visible in their body without damaging their interconnection, nerve cells or blood vessels, as here, in these enlarged cortex and hippocampus & nbsp images; brain and simplify the & nbsp; study

The process will facilitate the work of subcellular search

The method is based on a gel aqueous detergents containing for rapidly eliminating lipid , that is to say the molecules of fat. In recent leached, the light can then pass through the tissues and organs make all visible after two weeks. To avoid damaging the body of the animal, the mixture is injected through blood, once the Murid euthanized.

Additional technical storage and imaging of tissue samples provides an opportunity to examine the intercellular connections, cell structures and molecules they contain, while using standard techniques of genetics and molecular biology , ensure the perpetrators.

According to them, these protocols employing simple reagents and equipment available and profitable facilitate research at the subcellular scale large samples of body tissue.

Mice became completely transparent!

Mice became completely transparent!

American researchers have developed a technique to make transparent laboratory mice. Brain, lungs, stomach and kidneys, all organs can then be visualized in three dimensions even within the body of the subject of study.

Within two to three days following the injection of a special gel in the blood of laboratory mice, the brain (C), kidneys (black arrow in B), his heart, lungs and intestines become transparent .  The rest of the body (dorsal view in A, ventral view B) reaches the same state after two days.  © Yang et al, Cell.

Called Clarity , the new process is to make transparent a mouse in its entirety has the purpose to allow detailed mapping of the nervous system of the animal. And it will facilitate the understanding of how the brain and its interaction with the rest of the body in particular with a view to study the spread of cancer or to improve treatments against chronic pain, the authors report in the journal Cell .

For Viviana Gradinaru, a researcher at the Institute of Technology of California, USA, and co-author of the article, this is a first. Previous experiments had helped to make transparent the brains or embryos , but none to his knowledge had hitherto been applied to an entire rodent adult.

This discovery gives hope for extraterrestrial life

Isolated in their aqueous capsule, living things are bathed in oil phase where they draw nutrients and metabolites useful for their development. The reaction thus localizes longer just on the lake bottom, where meet tar and natural waters, as previously thought researchers.

Other bacteria, extremophiles qualified, live in inhospitable environments. Here hydrothermal vents hundreds of meters below the ocean, no light, no oxygen at high temperatures and in the presence of acid fluid and metal, are colonized by thermophilic bacteria.  © P. Rona, Wikimedia Commons

This discovery gives hope for extraterrestrial life

"The degradation changes the chemical composition of mineral oil and leads to the formation of viscous bitumen, such as sands oil ultimately  explains Professor Rainer Meckenstock, lead author of the study. Our data thus provide important information the quality of the asphalt and are therefore essential for the industry of what remains the world's largest energy source. "

The results could be used by oil companies in their strategy to limit the biodegradation of oil fields , avoiding the formation of microdroplets of water during drilling, among others.

In addition, capacity degradation of chemical compounds in oil by these micro-organisms could be very useful for the remediation of water contaminated groundwater, for example, by a ruptured pipeline .

According to co-author Dirk Schulze-Makuch study, an astrobiologist at the University of Washington, Pullman, United States, life in such toxic condition suggests that it may exist in lakes hydrocarbon moon Titan of Saturn where methane and ethane could mix with groundwater.

Oil devoured from within by bacteria

Oil devoured from within by bacteria

A study shows that micro-organisms are able to live fully immersed in oil pockets and turn. Until now it was thought that such biochemical processes were not feasible at the interface between water and natural mineral oil.

The scientists studied bacteria and archaea Pitch Lake in La Brea, in the Caribbean. This asphalt lake contains a thick black mud, a mixture of bitumen, clay and saltwater.  © Jw2c, Wikimedia Commons

Water droplets contained in natural reservoirs of oil offer as favorable to certain microbes microhabitats reveal scientific research center German Helmholtz Zentrum München in an article in the journal Science.

The authors made ​​the discovery in the bitumen Pitch Lake , the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago off Venezuela. In this natural accumulation of 40 surface acres and 75 feet deep (the largest in the world), the researchers drew water samples from one to three microliters in volume.

The extraction and sequencing of the DNA they contain indicate the presence of a multitude of methane bacteria . However, the chemical composition obtained by the control microdrops bitumen mixture of distilled water differs, indicating that the bacteria of the first category actively degrade hydrocarbons.

Entamoeba histolytica

Entamoeba histolytica

This other protozoan parasite infects the digestive tract and generates dysentery amoeba, ie bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain that can become life-threatening. Furthermore, Entamoeba histolytica can spread in the body and cause abscesses in the liver and in other organs. The disease is contracted through contaminated water, raw vegetables and unpeeled fruits and contaminated or dishes prepared in unhygienic conditions.

Trichinella spiralis

The worm nematode Trichinella spiralis is contracted through consumption, by country, pork, boar , horse, walrus or the polar bear undercooked. Ingested cysts release the adults mate. Thousands of larvae migrate produced in the muscles of their host waiting to be swallowed by a new host. The infestations are massive serious conditions often resulting in death.


Tapeworms of the family Opisthorchiidae are transmitted through the consumption of fish from freshwater raw or undercooked, infected themselves by snails filled with larvae. Once in a stomach of mammal - like humans - they take their adult form and escape into the bile ducts and the gallbladder . Eggs released in feces contaminate new mollusks.

Ascaris spp.

This kind of intestinal roundworm measure up to 35 centimeters. Ingested in water or vegetable or fruit, the eggs hatch into larvae. They migrate from the intestine through the blood to the lungs and airways to the throat where they are swallowed into the stomach. They repass into the intestine where they then develop into adult worms. The eggs of females are released in the feces. Ascaris lumbricoides infects 1.450 million people and cause 60,000 deaths per year, according to the World Health Organization.

Trypanosoma cruzi

Known to give the Chagas disease , this protozoan parasite infects silently various body organs, including the heart. Trypanosoma cruzi may cause ten to twenty years after the contamination of serious and sometimes fatal cardiac or intestinal problems. It is transmitted to humans by ingestion of contaminated feces fruit  insects bloodsucking, assassin bugs.

Echinococcus multilocularis

Echinococcus multilocularis

Hunters occasionally in contact with rodents , carcasses, berries or mushrooms contaminated with feces of foxes and other canids can be infected by the worm Echinococcus multilocularis . Again, the parasite invades internal organs as cysts and pathology may in some cases be lethal.

Toxoplasma gondii

This is the parasite that pregnant women have to flee, as immunocompromised individuals and transplanted. At first, this protozoan caught, for example, when cleaning a cat litter or drinking contaminated water or undercooked meat, can cause abnormal fetal. kids coloring pages In seconds, Toxoplasma gondii can multiply uncontrollably.

Cryptosporidium spp.

Food washed with water contaminated with cattle sick, cider and unpasteurized milk, the snails infected can transmit protozoan parasites of the genus Cryptosporidium spp. They are responsible for diarrhea severe aqueous, pancreatitis and sometimes cause malnutrition secondary fatal in infants and weak subjects.

The worm Ascaris lumbricoides annually kills 2,700 people worldwide.  © Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Top 10 pests to be avoided for good health

Top 10 pests to be avoided for good health

Summer is conducive to travel abroad, insect bites, consumption of fruits and unpeeled or pork sausages grilled vegetables evil. Beware of pests! While some prove harmless to health, others are unfortunately fatal.

Taenia solium grows about one meter every six months to ten meters to the adult form.  © Roberto J. Galindo, Wikimedia Commons, cc by sa 3.0

Taenia solium

Undercooked pork can lead to infection with Taenia solium . Ingested as cysts , this tapeworm develops in the intestine in adults up to 10 meters long. free printable coloring pages Opportunistic, it feeds on nutrients ingested and does not transmit in general diseases.

Echinococcus granulosus

A cousin of the much smaller worm (a few millimeters) stray dogs who get by eating sheep offal. Eggs' of Echinococcus granulosus can infect humans through poor hygiene or contaminated food. Parasites migrate into the liver , including, where they form cysts bulky size. Their spontaneous rupture can cause a fatal shock.

the ATV-5 will carry many sensors

During the destructive re-entry, the ATV-5 will carry many sensors including accelerometers and cameras infrared . They collect data that will better estimate the debris fields in the fallout of the Space Station. This experience will also validate certain assumptions reentry ISS and especially to see how to include the elements of the ATV that are sure to come off at the expected return from a similar angle.

Remember that, and this is very surprising, all elements of the Station were launched and assembled without it being written anywhere any certified, validated and accepted by all partners on how well it manages its deorbit end solution life ... Clearly, there is no procedure. coloring pages for girls We only know how to prevent it from falling on our heads, in the raising regularly!

Yet the Station flies over a large number of regions with high density of human population ... hence the need to ensure where this will deorbit, because half of the mass will reach the sea level as spare parts. That's the whole point of Shallow reentry that embeds several experiments to validate certain hypotheses reentry.

Regarding the deorbit , it certainly has ideas that rely on the use of Russian Progress cargo but ground controllers are unanimous in stressing that the ATC was the ship with the best ability to control the orbiting station.

A reentry to prepare for the end of life of the ISS

Between these there are two télégoniomètres videometers (7). They are like stellar sensors that emit laser flashes and are set to recognize reflections (such as artificial stars somehow) returned by the same retroreflectors as those used by télégoniomètres. So it's a different technique télégoniomètres giving the same parameters (distance, relative speed, relative direction) but also through image processing in three dimensions (3D), they also give the relative orientation of the target when the distance is a few tens of meters. printable coloring pages This allows the ATV to know not only his position but also on its orientation relative to the station to dock at the right place and with the right orientation.

What would serve all these sensors if the ATV could not correct its trajectory? Like, you can see three of the four engine blocks (8) of altitude and position control, composed of small rocket motors acting by reaction by ejecting gas combustion 'of propellant .

A reentry to prepare for the end of life of the ISS

The separation of the ATV with the ISS is scheduled on January 25 2015 His return in the atmosphere will, in turn, February 10, 2015 with a less pronounced angle than previous flights in order to perform the experiment Shallow reentry as part of preliminary studies on the return of the ISS.

A mechanism for high-tech

A mechanism for high-tech

If the ATV is able to dock automatically - that is to say without external assistance - to the International Space Station safely, it's because he used a particular software theft of great complexity associated with a set of sensors which we will explain the functions. The docking of the ATV and sensors which he & nbsp mechanism; need to dock autonomously Space Station.  Like, ATV-4 Albert Einstein when undocking from the ISS.  © Esa, Nasa

If everyone knows the Russian Docking mechanism of the ATC, the center of the craft, very few know what do the other devices distributed around the mechanism. coloring pages for kids Note the presence of two sensors stellar (1) which allows the module to detect relative to the position of the stars . Among them are the crew visual target (2 and 3). The first target (2) is no longer used since the camera mounted on the rear of the service module of the ISS Zvezda (where dock ATV) is down. It is not removable and can not be changed. As to the second target, the 3, it works. To avoid distorting the two, the second camera is removable and was also replaced.

Suit Kurs antenna system (4) which is only used to provide distance information to the crew on board the ISS. And it has data radioed to the crew that are independent of those used by the ATC at its automatic navigation. There are also two navigation lights (5) allow the crew ( via the camera looking at the approach ATC) to have an idea, even rude, the orientation of the device relative to the station orbit when not illuminated by the sun . Under the lashing mechanism, two télégoniomètres (6) function as pistols laser to measure the distance and relative velocity of the target (ISS) with its retroreflectors installed on the back of the station. They also measure the angular direction relative to the target, considering the angles azimuth and elevation of the return direction of the laser beams.

Live from the final docking of the ATV-5

Live from the final docking of the ATV-5

Today is the last scheduled to dock the ATV of the European Space Agency to the International Space Station. The event, captured by five cameras, two of them located outside the ISS, will be broadcast live by CNES in unprecedented conditions.

Fifth and final mission to resupply ISS ATV of the European Space Agency.  With Columbus and after the March 2008, February 2011, March 2012 and June 2013, these five missions represent the annual contribution ESA must pay for the use of the Space Station ($ 150 million).  © Esa, Nasa

Since its launch on July 30, the Guiana Space Centre by an Ariane 5, the ATV-5 Georges Lemaître vogue toward the International Space Station (ISS). free coloring pages It is now 15: 30 pm (Paris time), he has finally dock at the orbital complex, on board, some 6.7 tons of cargo. Remaining there until January 25, it will be repeatedly asked to raise the orbit and serve as pressurized module.

The site of the CNES broadcast live through five cameras, docking of the ATV . Also a first and a last, since this is its  ultimate mission . The antenna jack is announced at 14: 45 am (Paris time).

While the main video stream broadcast a broadcast one hour commented on the subject, you can monitor the operations from the station with two onboard cameras, one Russian and one American, placed outside. Another camera will take us to the heart of the event, the control center of the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) in Toulouse. A final video stream will reveal in real time and image synthesis company, the progress of the ATV until its final approach.

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health hazards bother the government of Dubai

Including quoted Gulfnews , Hussain Nasser Lootah, head of the city of Dubai, said he wanted to "encourage families to exercise and lose weight." The politician points to modern technology to explain the rise in obesity in developed countries. "We must protect the younger generations negative effects of technology by encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and explaining to parents what role they should play in the education of a healthy generation," déclare- he said.

Of health hazards

The participants, who will receive the advice of nutritionists and doctors, were weighed in public parks in Dubai for the first time at the launch of the initiative. printable coloring pages for kids The final weigh-in will take place on September 15.

The campaign "Your child is worth gold" has been the target of criticism from nutritionists who believe it gives bad habits, as indicated by the American television channel CBS. Losing a lot of weight over a short space of time is indeed not recommended by doctors, ensuring that it can be dangerous for youngsters.

A similar initiative was put in place last year and attracted more than 10,000 people for a total loss of 13,275 pounds.

Dubai unwanted pounds worth gold

Dubai unwanted pounds worth gold
The - Published 08/03/2014 at 18:39
To fight against obesity, the municipality launched an initiative that allows young children to gain an ounce of gold per pound lost.

Gold bullion.  Photo illustration.
Gold bullion. Photo illustration. © Michal Cizek / AFP

Surprisingly initiative to fight against obesity. While many countries multiply campaigns against obesity, as in the United States with First Lady Michelle Obama who made ​​his battle cry, others prefer to focus on human venality. cool coloring pages This is the case in Dubai that offers its residents or who lose weight.

The largest city of the United Arab Emirates - which the campaign "Your child is worth gold" , launched in July, coinciding with the fasting month of Ramadan - and offers one gram of gold worth nearly 31 euros for each child who has managed to lose a kilo. And entire families who want to participate can even win two grams of gold for every pound lost by a member of the tribe. Only families with children under 13 years may however participate. But the city does not set a limit on the amounts to be won ...

The drone forbidden to steal

The drone forbidden to steal

The main research undertaken since Friday by dozens of experts continued nonetheless. One hundred experts from the Dutch and Australian police, whose mission was repeatedly delayed by the fighting, are on the scene Sunday again, according to the OSCE that supports them. Friday and Saturday, they were able to find human remains of victims and their belongings, which were transported by refrigerated Kharkiv vehicle, controlled by Kiev further north before being returned to the Netherlands in order to territory to be identified.

The painstaking work, undertaken with the help of sniffer dogs in the Ukrainian countryside, under the supervision of armed insurgents, looks complex more than two weeks after the disaster of July 17 that led to a spike in international tensions. Kiev directly accused the pro-Moscow insurgents have shot down the Boeing Malaysia Airlines, which was carrying 298 passengers, including 193 Dutch, with a missile provided by Moscow. More than 200 coffins had been repatriated in the days following the disaster, such as black boxes.

Shots from Russia started the battle in ukraine

Shots from Russia

In total, the fighting in eastern Ukraine killed more than 1,100 deaths, according to the United Nations since its inception in April of offensive Kiev, which intensified last month. Ukrainian forces progressing and trying to isolate the separatists in their strongholds of Donetsk and Lugansk. Since the beginning of the offensive, "the terrorists have lost three-quarters of the territory they controlled," said Sunday a military spokesman, Andrii Lysenko, during a press conference.

However, Ukrainian forces encountered fierce resistance separatists. The General Staff of Ukraine said that his positions had been attacked several times in the night from Saturday to Sunday to rocket launchers Grad, an inaccurate weapon that hits large areas. They were also targeted, the source said, new artillery fired from the territory of Russia.

Ukraine: deadly fighting despite the research of crash victims

Ukraine: deadly fighting despite the research of crash victims
The - Published 08/03/2014 at 16:38 - Amended 08/03/2014 at 17:00
Fighting continues between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists pushing a small part of international experts to turn back.

The fighting continued Sunday, August 3 near the city of Donetsk in Ukraine.

Further deadly clashes between Ukrainian forces and separatist pro-Russian waved Sunday east of the Ukraine , despite the continued research of victims of the crash of flight MH17. In Lugansk, three civilians died in the fighting in 24 hours, reported Sunday the mayor, who yesterday warned of a situation "on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe." In this city of 500,000 inhabitants before the war, water and electricity are cut off, communication is very disturbed and external supplies of food and fuel almost impossible.

No treatment or vaccine against Ebola

Extremely low risk

This is the first time a person infected with Ebola virus is on American soil, but American authorities say they are confident and able to protect the public from the risk of transmission. "Doctors, nurses and staff of the University Hospital Emory can treat both patients safely and effectively. We are honored to have the privilege of treating these patients who contracted Ebola participating in a mission humanitarian, "said the hospital in a statement.

It stated that Dr. Brantly and Nancy are the only two Writebol patients treated at their institution, "not because of the risk of contamination, but rather for reasons of protection of privacy, given the widespread interest in these patients, "he said hospital.

Ebola is a virulent pathogen that causes a mortality of 60-90% of patients. It is transmitted through direct contact with body fluids such as blood or sweat of patients with symptoms. "The risk (of contamination, Ed) is extremely low, because even if someone is infected in the United States or other developed countries, it is highly unlikely that the virus can spread the light of hospital capacity to isolate these patients, "said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the American Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Ebola infected American arrived in the United States

Ebola infected American arrived in the United States
The - Published 08/03/2014 at 09:42 - Amended 08/03/2014 at 13:17
The arrival of Dr. Kent Brantly Saturday the United States is the first case, on American soil, a person suffering from Ebola.

One of two Americans infected with Ebola virus in Africa , where an epidemic is unprecedented, was evacuated by air ambulance and arrived Saturday in the United States , where it must be treated in a special unit of quarantine. This is the first time that a person with Ebola is on American soil. The private aircraft, a specially equipped Gulfstream carrying Dr. Kent Brantly, landed in the late morning on the Dobbins Air Force Base ( Georgia , southeast) near Atlanta, said in a statement Samaritan's Purse the charity, which employs both sick.

Visit our dossier: The best of the literary season

Look Zola heredity covers the whole range of possibilities: one is an alcoholic, tuberculosis, invert, from father to son, it's inevitable. And do not support me otherwise! We would imagine that as the child is born pure, devoid of a priori on the world. Error! Angelic bullshit! Idealism fool! Once laid, it is marked in the iron. We all calves whose skin reddens as metal.

Rogis born, I stayed. My relationship with sensuality, sex, suddenly seems so trivial, so readable. It's me, the vampire. These one-night stands, these crazes guzzler. My nights with cannibals Cecile great intoxication of triumphant body, blood that enjoys. It's the only pleasure I have power. The executioner is not entitled to feeling, if he falters. It should not be touched, ever! That's why I threw Aurora homeless. By loving, I lost my strength, I hypothéquais my neutrality; I ébréchais my ax. By loving, I became again human.

Check out an excerpt from the latest novel by Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves

Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves, devouring , Albin Michel , 320 pages, 20 euros. In bookstores August 20, 2014.

Check out an excerpt from the latest novel by Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves:

I am not an arm of justice. For novels, I took on the role of executioner, I am master of high works. Readers need that. They feel better, strengthened this conviction. The suffering of others, it's reassuring. There are always worse off. In fact, I am needed, we have always been essential to the smooth running of the company. We are a pivot. Remove us was a strategic mistake. Since then, people crave. They need the carnage. See their passion for movies gory, horrific for new for the world's pain. See their morbid joy to behold cataclysms. See the hours they spend on the Internet looking for snuff movies , hand in pants, tidying themselves to wound?

Back literary: Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves, praise the cannibalism

Back literary: Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves, praise the cannibalism
The - Published 08/03/2014 at 16:19 - Amended 08/03/2014 at 17:19
Every day, The you discover the best of the literary season. Today, "devouring" of Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves.

Back literary: Nicolas d'Estienne d'Orves, praise the cannibalism

Nicolas is a writer and lives in Paris . With his mother, because he never could write a line other than his childhood bedroom ... His favorite subject? Blood. Suffering, pain, sordid crimes more or less romanticized that sell like hotcakes and for which one makes hours in line at the book fair. The great success of the Cult of blood succeed Joys of evil , The Apology of suffering, pain ... Naked "Snapshots of massacres that collect necklaces of praise."