Sunday, August 3, 2014

The drone forbidden to steal

The drone forbidden to steal

The main research undertaken since Friday by dozens of experts continued nonetheless. One hundred experts from the Dutch and Australian police, whose mission was repeatedly delayed by the fighting, are on the scene Sunday again, according to the OSCE that supports them. Friday and Saturday, they were able to find human remains of victims and their belongings, which were transported by refrigerated Kharkiv vehicle, controlled by Kiev further north before being returned to the Netherlands in order to territory to be identified.

The painstaking work, undertaken with the help of sniffer dogs in the Ukrainian countryside, under the supervision of armed insurgents, looks complex more than two weeks after the disaster of July 17 that led to a spike in international tensions. Kiev directly accused the pro-Moscow insurgents have shot down the Boeing Malaysia Airlines, which was carrying 298 passengers, including 193 Dutch, with a missile provided by Moscow. More than 200 coffins had been repatriated in the days following the disaster, such as black boxes.

The separatists have not allowed the use of a drone Australian police to the site, what denounced the Ukrainian military spokesman as evidence that the insurgents "are not interested in an objective investigation." "The use of drone would have uncovered new evidence and establish that the territory is undermined," reported Mr. Lysenko. free coloring pages for kids "It could be that the terrorists [separatists, Ed] are causing fire that interrupted the work of the mission" Saturday, he added.

Unprecedented economic sanctions

The wave of shock of the tragedy has led Europeans, hitherto divided and reluctant to strike hard an important trading partner for Use in United States economic sanctions unprecedented since the Cold War against Moscow for particular public banks.

In Washington, Barack Obama denounced in a telephone interview Friday with Vladimir Putin even more support from Moscow separatists. British Prime Minister David Cameron for his part said Saturday that NATO should rethink its long-term relationship with Russia and strengthen its ability to respond quickly to any threat.

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