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Dubai unwanted pounds worth gold

Dubai unwanted pounds worth gold
The - Published 08/03/2014 at 18:39
To fight against obesity, the municipality launched an initiative that allows young children to gain an ounce of gold per pound lost.

Gold bullion.  Photo illustration.
Gold bullion. Photo illustration. © Michal Cizek / AFP

Surprisingly initiative to fight against obesity. While many countries multiply campaigns against obesity, as in the United States with First Lady Michelle Obama who made ​​his battle cry, others prefer to focus on human venality. cool coloring pages This is the case in Dubai that offers its residents or who lose weight.

The largest city of the United Arab Emirates - which the campaign "Your child is worth gold" , launched in July, coinciding with the fasting month of Ramadan - and offers one gram of gold worth nearly 31 euros for each child who has managed to lose a kilo. And entire families who want to participate can even win two grams of gold for every pound lost by a member of the tribe. Only families with children under 13 years may however participate. But the city does not set a limit on the amounts to be won ...

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