Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the ATV-5 will carry many sensors

During the destructive re-entry, the ATV-5 will carry many sensors including accelerometers and cameras infrared . They collect data that will better estimate the debris fields in the fallout of the Space Station. This experience will also validate certain assumptions reentry ISS and especially to see how to include the elements of the ATV that are sure to come off at the expected return from a similar angle.

Remember that, and this is very surprising, all elements of the Station were launched and assembled without it being written anywhere any certified, validated and accepted by all partners on how well it manages its deorbit end solution life ... Clearly, there is no procedure. coloring pages for girls We only know how to prevent it from falling on our heads, in the raising regularly!

Yet the Station flies over a large number of regions with high density of human population ... hence the need to ensure where this will deorbit, because half of the mass will reach the sea level as spare parts. That's the whole point of Shallow reentry that embeds several experiments to validate certain hypotheses reentry.

Regarding the deorbit , it certainly has ideas that rely on the use of Russian Progress cargo but ground controllers are unanimous in stressing that the ATC was the ship with the best ability to control the orbiting station.

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