Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A reentry to prepare for the end of life of the ISS

Between these there are two télégoniomètres videometers (7). They are like stellar sensors that emit laser flashes and are set to recognize reflections (such as artificial stars somehow) returned by the same retroreflectors as those used by télégoniomètres. So it's a different technique télégoniomètres giving the same parameters (distance, relative speed, relative direction) but also through image processing in three dimensions (3D), they also give the relative orientation of the target when the distance is a few tens of meters. printable coloring pages This allows the ATV to know not only his position but also on its orientation relative to the station to dock at the right place and with the right orientation.

What would serve all these sensors if the ATV could not correct its trajectory? Like, you can see three of the four engine blocks (8) of altitude and position control, composed of small rocket motors acting by reaction by ejecting gas combustion 'of propellant .

A reentry to prepare for the end of life of the ISS

The separation of the ATV with the ISS is scheduled on January 25 2015 His return in the atmosphere will, in turn, February 10, 2015 with a less pronounced angle than previous flights in order to perform the experiment Shallow reentry as part of preliminary studies on the return of the ISS.

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