Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shots from Russia started the battle in ukraine

Shots from Russia

In total, the fighting in eastern Ukraine killed more than 1,100 deaths, according to the United Nations since its inception in April of offensive Kiev, which intensified last month. Ukrainian forces progressing and trying to isolate the separatists in their strongholds of Donetsk and Lugansk. Since the beginning of the offensive, "the terrorists have lost three-quarters of the territory they controlled," said Sunday a military spokesman, Andrii Lysenko, during a press conference.

However, Ukrainian forces encountered fierce resistance separatists. The General Staff of Ukraine said that his positions had been attacked several times in the night from Saturday to Sunday to rocket launchers Grad, an inaccurate weapon that hits large areas. They were also targeted, the source said, new artillery fired from the territory of Russia.

Around the site of the crash of the Boeing Malaysian Ukrainian forces and rebels have agreed to a cease-fire, but we hear regularly in recent days of explosions in the distance. Enjoy Coloring A small team of international experts, who visited Saturday in a part of the site in search of part of the fuselage of the Boeing, preferred to turn back, shooting with heavy weapons seeming closer.

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